Troy from Heroes of Project Earth sits down with Kyle Corbett to talk about Kyle’s adventures on Seas Lyfe has been going so far. From waking up in a militarized zone to researching the endangered Cuvier Beaked Whales, Kyle has an endless stream of stories, struggles, and triumphs that went into his greatest adventure yet.

From his humble beginnings of being a surfer that wanted to find the best surf spots, most of them you could only reach by way of boat, Kyle quickly became familiarized with the waters surrounding Southern California and Baja California which most of his adventures on Seas Lyfe would be taking place on.

Kyle has always been passionate about nature and decided to utilize his other passion and knowledge of sailing in order to create his organizations, Seas Lyfe and Reduce Impact. These organizations are focused on spreading awareness regarding the damage that we as humans are doing to our ocean and planet.

The initial goal behind Seas Lyfe and Reduce Impact is to reduce the demand for single-use plastic which can only be done by informing others of how they can reduce their impact on our environment. We like to call it “Destroy the Disconnect with Nature,” and by that we mean to help others gain awareness of the impact our everyday actions have on the environment. We do this by revealing information about climate change in a medium that is easily understandable through blogs on our websites and, or by going on research expeditions studying just how pollution in the sea is affecting the marine life.

As stated before, one of the first research trips Kyle was contracted by a Latin Research Team in which they began sailing to Guadalupe Island. On the way to the island, Kyle and his crew actually stumbled across a man stranded at sea and was able to actually save his life. This may have been the world’s way of letting Kyle in the crew that they were in the right place at the right time. From there they continued their venture to Guadalupe island, where they began to extract blubber and skin cell samples from the Cuvier Beaked Whales.

By doing this we are learning more about the environment and how one species acts with all the other beings in their eco-system. This is all a part of the process of spreading awareness because most humans don’t realize just how connected we all are to Mother Nature. One thing we have to realize is the potential impact of even one species of an animal going extinct. It is not simply that this animal is existing from disappearance, but all of the interactions that species may engage in within their ecosystem.