Steel Hull: A Story of a Surfer and a Staysail Schooner  

By Kyle Corbett

Steel Hull Book ReviewSteel Hull is a book about an adventure that never happened and then became the largest adventure ever. The boat that did not sail around the world shows us how many obstacles can be overcome when we keep our minds open and our hearts going strong. Kyle Corbett goes through a myriad of different struggles and decides that he is never going to give up. The steel schooner becomes a burden to bear and ends up bringing unexpected obstacles and life growth opportunities.

Loss of a loved one creates mental struggle, and this forces Kyle to better understand himself and the things that make him move. His ability to find solutions gives him strength as he travels and keeps his company moving forward and keeps the 70 foot long ship afloat at the same time. Travels in and out of Mexico end up in challenging Kyle to do what his father had always told him to do… Think with his big head and not with his little one.

Kyle finds his motivation through being a traveling comedian who inspires others. He finds this while he strives as hard as he can to keep the vessel going. Keeping the huge boat moving ends up being a traveling mission of avoiding going bankrupt. Kyle ends up living on the boat for a lot of the time and even comes to find himself with a loved one onboard at one point.

Through the most terrible struggles and near mental breakdowns he finds his true surfers passion. His passion is in finding a psychological way to overcome major elements in his own life and then share this skill with others. He develops a podcast and an entire influencers persona where he is able to not only educate people about treating the planet better, but how they can treat themselves better.

Kyle Corbett writes this memoir and expects nothing of what actually came of it.He thought he would write a travel journal style blog about the adventure and turn it into a memoir novel. In the end Kyle compels himself to motivate others and learn from his mistakes.

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