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By Captain Kyle C. Corbett


Inspirational Adventure & Memoir Novel

  Kyle Corbett lives a different life than most of us. After being told for years and years by family/friends, and his (thousands of) clients that a book of his life would be well worth reading…. He decided to make it so.  We begin the adventure of Kyle’s amazing story with the 2018 purchase of a 70 foot steel world expedition sailing schooner.  Want to know what it’s like to go for broke and purchase an acid that you have no ability to maintain, pay for, operate, and basically no business buying?  The unexpected voyage of life that Kyle is taken on by this vessel keeps the reader turning page by page. Please read no more… Sign up and see for yourself.

Adventure Author

Kyle Corbett

After 7 years of experience in behavioral psychology while working directly in the field with the public school district & studying at Chapman University Kyle Corbett is now the owner of one of the largest yacht touring companies in Southern California. He has built everything he has from scratch himself. He worked four different jobs until he was able to quit those and work for himself full-time. Prior to beginning this career Kyle spent years and years studying social psychology and traveling around the world.   Kyle Corbett contributes everything he has in life today to his mentors met along his worldly travels.  Kyle’s world is a constant traveling adventure.  After years and years of being asked to write down his adventures by friends, family, and thousands of charter clients… He has given us exactly what we have asked for.

Kyle Corbett’s Inspirations for Steel Hull

Nomadic Surfer

Having spent 7 years achieving a 4 year college degree Kyle Corbett managed to see over 20 different countries.  He surfed, backpacked and absorbed cultures. 

Kyle Corbett Corbett Entrepreneur and Author

Story Tellers 

Kyle Corbett is a story teller who knows what he knows from the stories he’s been told.   Read and listen as we unfold a quick glimpse into the adventure which can be ones life

Motivational Mentors

Life is all about the who and not he aht.  They say it is who you know that will take the distance and Kyle Corbett proves this through and through.  

Entrepreneur’s Drive

It is not a sprint, but a marathon.  You can only have the adventure if you are willing to go the distance.  The unexpected parts of the journey


“Are you tuned to create or tuned to consume?”

– Kyle Corbett


“It is not the thoughts in your head that matter; it is the impression those thoughts leave on the world through your presence.”

– Kyle Corbett


“You can dream that you are living or you can live your dream.” 

-Kyle Corbett

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