In this episode Kyle Corbett speaks to an organization which has collaborated with those involved in studying the Humungous Trash Gyre that sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Kyle Corbett and Katie Shay speak about the trash out there and the effect is is having on our planet.   She shows us an actual sample of the micro plastics that are floating in the middle of the ocean.

Kyle explains what they look like and gets an in depth look at what is truly out there.  Organizations like this one are out there doing their best to improve the Earth we live upon.  The situation has become much more severe than most people are aware of.  For this reason Kyle Corbett and his team chose to focus on Ocean Conservation and nature preservation during 2018.  They made this cause the main mission of the Vessel Seas Lyfe.  The sailboat and it’s volunteer crew promote doing everything that we can to make our environment a better place for all the humans that inhabit it.

Kyle does throw in a little bit of comedy, though focuses on education in this interview.  Katie gives us some great information and demonstrates that there are people out here who care.

I Love a Clean San Diego has done wonderful things all through out Southern California for the environment and we are proud to give them support by producing their words in this ocean conservation awareness interview.