Drunk People -Please – Avoid this one thing!

That one thing you do that you know your will remember (partially) doing the next day.  You will most likely not be glad you did. 

Don’t do it. 

Think before you act – OR turn it off before you black!

Kyle Corbett Stand Up Comedy

Donald Trump Joke – Stand up Comedy by Kyle Corbett

Donald Trump Joke – Stand up Comedy by Kyle Corbett

Which Donald should we really have chosen.  I mean the duck put his foot in his mouth a lot less – he couldn’t… it’s too big and webbed.

I think I’d also like to watch Donald Duck put his foot in his mouth more than trump – at least that would be funny to watch….and not painful.

Plus the duck can swim his way out of awkward situations.  

I suppose they each do have an evil uncle.  Sam vs Scrooge = I’m focusing on the dicks…I mean the ducks.  

Kyle Corbett Talks About the Great Pacific Garbage Patch with Katie from I Love a Clean San Diego

In this episode Kyle Corbett speaks to an organization which has collaborated with those involved in studying the Humungous Trash Gyre that sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Kyle Corbett and Katie Shay speak about the trash out there and the effect is is having on our planet.   She shows us an actual sample of the micro plastics that are floating in the middle of the ocean.