You are the only one who can motivate you.  You are your only responsibility.  You have the strength and ability to moderate your own actions, but no one else does.  You can make yourself anything you want to be, though it is only you who can do this.

When we mention trusting your struggle, we are talking about managing you own expectations and managing yourself.  We want to remind you that you are the only you and that is your main car to drive.  You can drive this car anywhere you want to go.  The trick is to remember that you are the only one who controls this vehicle.  You can drive it to the destination of your choice.

Trust Your Struggle.

We do these things through our daily actions and we educate ourselves in the ways that we choose.  What you do with your time is up to you and the education you receive comes from what mentors you choose in your life.  Focus on you and remember to moderate your own actions – no one else’s.  Trust in the fact that you are able to remind yourself to set your own sails toward your own end destination.

You moderate you.  You motivate you.  You inspire you.