I am Kyle Corbett.  My team and I are producing this for other to benefit from.  I have a lot of successes that are from my efforts and skills that I have learned.  I am now sharing my story and those skill sets with the world.  My team of post production engineers are helping me to make this a professional podcast with real takeaways.    I founded San Diego Sailing Tours along with several other brands.  Learn from my mistakes and the people who have given me the right advice.  I did not do it alone, though I did listen to the right things from the right mentors at the right times.   I recommend listening to a few episodes, then thinking about how you can apply some of the principles in your own life. Then search for a few things on your own before coming back for more motivation.  You must do something with the motivation, not simply listen more.  All podcasters want you to keep listening.  I’m not that guy.  Listen – then STOP — Please.  Focus on taking some of these notes and letting them soak in…… then ACT.  Once you do this even in the smallest way ( maybe make a note sheet for your own reference) = you will be ready to listen to another and you will find takeaways each time.  Most importantly = motivate yourself by taking a skill and using it!!!!      We will help you to utilize the skills I used in starting a company with $6500 and turning it into a revenue generating machine capable of grossing $650,000 annually in 5 to 10 years.  This is A channel for anyone, anywhere, at any time who has a goal they want to achieve. I mention principles and structures of thought based on social psychology.     My knowledge is credited to post graduate continual research and a Chapman social psychology degree coupled with seven years of behavior management in the field.  Some of this was even achieved abroad and the continuation of my story will involve roughly 20 different countries, working on a few different continents, and allowing people in these cultures to shape thoughts which can be molded into a future positive reality.   Let’s UPgrade our IMpulse……welcome to: IMPULSE UPGRADE with Kyle C Corbett       Original Working Title = Who is Kyle – 2   Secondary working title:  Rerunning Episode 2 and Season1 — …..Kyle Corbett   Additional TAGS: (you might want to think about incorporating a list like this for your promotional material you upload as well)   …   Laughter, comedians talking, talking humor, humorous rumors, rumors, gossip, lifestyle, success, how to make a website, how to be successful, motivators, affirmations, iheartmedia, heart media, heart radio, KyleCCorbett, make money, more money more problems, start a business, quit your job, be your own boss, I want to be my own boss, how to get started, digital commuter, call it in, work from home, 4 hour work week, Tim Ferris, learn from others, what should I learn, where do I start, how to sell a small business, how to sell a business, how to own a company, how to start a website, choosing a URL, how to register a URL, how to name my company, what’s in a name, naming, branding, brand marketing, Adwords, Adwords marking, adores consultation, marking consultation, consultation, consulting, kylecorbett.com, San Diego sailing tours, Seas Lyfe, seize life, boat charters, California, southern California,   CA, Los Angeles, San Diego, America, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Comedian, entrepreneur, entrepreneur advice, advice, actor, Kyle Corbett, charity, ocean, conservation, self help, motivation, green, environmental awareness, captain, boats, sailing, boat life, sail life away, personal improvement, self improvement, Tony Robbins, Kyle c Corbett, Jokes Travel, the Kyle Corbett Show, Impulse Upgrade, active lifestyle, workouts, energy, positive energy, contagious, contagious energy, give what you get, get what you give, motivate, dream, leap, change, chances, taking chances, how to podcast, digital marketing, nomad, digital nomad, laptop lifestyle, absentee business owner, success, successful people, you tubers, YouTube, comedy, memes, small business, small business advice, how to sell a small business, how to start a small business, small business advice. Business advice, marketing,