Kyle and his crew want to give out the best information possible to leave peoples lives and the health of the earth in the best direction possible. For this reason they keep it constant in true by reminding you that these words they speak and the advice that you gave is not their own, however it is what humans are most adapted at securing for the survival of our species. It is information from other people. It is the wisest way we have heard from others that have kept us alive and thriving in our lives. It is a wonderful quick phrases that land with having meeting in sink into our hearts and minds to stay forever. It is the unexpected conversations with strangers and close family and kin.

Kyle speaks candidly about getting people to volunteer and come help out with this cause.


Kyle Corbett is a comedian and does standup routines in Los Angeles. You might see him out at an open mic – if and only if you pay attention closely to his social media channels… In particular Instagram… Where he often leaves hints to where his next open mic will be.


I recommend listening to a few episodes, then thinking about how you can apply some of the principles in your own life. Then search for a few things on your own before coming back for more motivation.  You must do something with the motivation, not simply listen more.  All podcasters want you to keep listening.  I’m not that guy.  Listen – then STOP — Please.  Focus on taking some of these notes and letting them soak in…… then ACT.  Once you do this even in the smallest way ( maybe make a note sheet for your own reference) = you will be ready to listen to another and you will find takeaways each time.  Most importantly = motivate yourself by taking a skill and using it!!!!


Most of what I teach is applied principles and those are social psychology (proven) theories. I match this with a constant understanding of each platform, the functionality of it, what it is supposed to do, who it serves, and How.


We are currently asking Captain Kyle to create additional edits in post production that will replace some of the information lost in 2018 and 2019. Our mistake as a team was to record more footage then we had time to watch while on board during the research trip, voyages, test running the ship, and general sailing of Seas Lyfe. We unfortunately made this exact same mistake with our recordings for our podcast. We honestly do hope that you enjoy this rendition, though it is long…


Original Working Title = Life of a Digital Nomad

Secondary Working Title : Rerunning Episode 3 and Season1 — …..Kyle Corbett


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