These files are from season one of the impulse upgrade podcast.

Motivation is an important thing in our lives.  When we know how to use it properly we can do amazing things.


Kyle Corbett and his crew for a cause decided to start a ceiling expeditionOf a worthwhile cause.  These guys educate the world about what is going on between humans any environment.


Our team does a great job in telling our story but now we are actually rolling out the entirety for you here.


San Diego sailing tours Has been our bread and butter for the last decade.  At the same time that we do we’ll watching tours BC trash in the ocean.


We realized that our story is probably one that many people would like to hear.  We have performed trips on our expedition yacht

Kyle Corbett has a very interesting story and wall figuring out what we should put on this channel…..


We ended up with something very unexpected


That’s unexpected something with a story That can actually help other people


Kyle has told his crew for years years and yrs. that it is not his marketing skills, communication abilities, voice over artist abilities, or even his own goofy actor of a self on screen.  These are not the things that have made us grow.  Our entire team of employees who produces this information are here because of the success of one small business in Southern California.  


Many hands of banded together to make happen what we have created.  Kyle produces amazing quotes would keep his team working hard all the time.  


You might be surprised at some of those quotes.


Kyle Corbett exercises higher level of applied principals in his marketing, communications, promotion, and ultimate success strategy.  What this does is allow us a set of core principles that we can look at.  One way of thinking of this principle is to put them at the very top of the totem pole.


Looking from their down those principles in cascade beautiful waterfalls all over our entire lives.


The fact is that we often try to go from the bottom of the top and that’s not really how our world works.


Our world is comprised of a many social structures.


When you look at these social structures it actually makes more sense to appliance principles from the top down and not the bottom up.


You see you applying the right principles at the right time Developing major successes for many individuals and organizations throughout the world.


The main question here is why do they succeed and others do not.


We realized over the course of years that there are many people offering advertising advice and all kinds of information online these days.  We often times utilize these services into of ourselves.  It is in fact the people who help the other people learn.


Many times we look at these articles and realize that the people producing the article, video or other information for us to learn from… Have not actually had a real-life opportunity to apply the principles that they are teaching.


This is one area where Kyle Coris stands above the rest and has proved in the pudding. He has actually apply these principles any small business setting and literally gone from the very very bottom Of our socioeconomic status totem pole to the top.


Unfortunately this cannot be done by simply choosing one area such as interim, YouTube, blog writing, logo creation, or any other of the multiple millions of strategies involving growing a business or brand.  The fact is that it is a combined knowledge of all of these tools that will teach a person or organization how they can put themselves first across the finish line achieving their goals and making the next goals to follow.


General apply principles of social psychology can make up for understanding of just about every new digital tools there is today.


If you can’t figure out a specific digital media and it’s driving you nuts… Well let’s think of a larger apply principle that could teach you more about how that particular principle works.


You might be wondering about this story of sailors on a boat and a man who created a small business from nearly scratch only to become one of the top 10% wealthiest people by decree of highest annual earners in our country less than 10 years later.


Kyle Corbett teaches principles based on lessons from social psychology professors.  Many of the principles which he professes on are actually backed up by an pure goal research and laboratory testing environments.  The principal utilizing social psychology stand true all the way across a whole Nother social platform.


Social media is the way that we engage with the world today and it connects all states, countries,Nations, and contenants.


If we are able to remember this core principle alone… We can then connect the dots from everything else we have learned the great social psychologists and studies Throughout the decades past and relate them to the world of now.


The more we understand from the words that will come from Kyle’s mouth the more we will be able to progress ourselves in a different manner and also understand the mediums at which may be confusing us forgive us our outlet for full connection to the entirety of the social world today.


Kyle Corbett will be the first one to tell you that the words we are putting on this page or not entirely his own. He will also be the first wanted to tell you that a lot of the information he professes in his podcasting through his promotional videos… Are just in fact the same that is = not his.


I’ll be the first one to tell you that it is a series of amazing mentors throughout his life who have help him get to where he is today.


Back to one of the most interesting thing that Kyle Corbett says to all of us to work with and actually for him… it is not the lessons in psychology that is gotten to where he is today, it is not the seven years he spent getting a four year degree, it is not the 10 years he spent developing a small business from scratch, it is not the beautiful fleet of classics sailing yacht set yes Berkshire restored and brought back to life, It is not any one of these things but a whole Nother subject that he attributes all his abilityYou share this knowledge with other people and a credit that you come with it.


Kyle Corbett shares with us that it is the 20 country he visited in his travels and the unexpected occurrences and interactions which happen during those travels that brought into the point where he had the power to do what he is done today.


Many people who have worked with Kyle Corbett throughout all the years have found it very interesting that in fact does not give credit to most things that you would give credit to including himself.  For years years and yrs. he has told all of us that you learn more in his travels  + Surfing many countries and exploring many cultures than he did in any of years he spent inside of a classroom.

Allow us the opportunity to put forward this motivational speakers words which will give you an upgrade in your impulse if and only if you choose to listen to the principles and their wise recommendations by Capt. Kyle Christopher Corbett.


Type to text only.  Talk to text only.  

Testing you = make it work. 

Do you want to be a Digital Nomad????? = DO IT!!!!!