The Alchemist

By Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho

  Paulo Coelho has written a book for the ages here.  His words sing amazing melodies to the hearts of many all across the world.  This is a book that is often taught in schools.  He has enlightened millions of people with his words.  The timeless classic will show you that you are capable of fulfilling your own “Personal Legend”.  You can be anything you want and you have the ability to do anything that you want. 

This book puts perspective itself into perspective.  Paulo has changed the paths of so many people with his words in this book.  Our team here at Kyle C Corbett are all pumped to share this literature with you.  This is the amazing story of the boy who lived for his dream and learned so many priceless life lessons simply by doing so in this amazing fable.  


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Kyle Corbett’s Book Review

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Kyle’s Word on the Book

The alchemist is an adventure novel of a young man’s inspirational voyage. A young man takes on the challenges of the world and leaves behind all of his worries. Every single word in this book has a meaning and is intentional. Every phrase has a life lesson built into the words written on the page.
The adventure that the boy in the book goes on shows the intuition of humankind and what we think of in our daily lives. It gives us motivation to go forward toward in life. It is based on fulfilling your personal dreams. The words in this book will help you to find the necessary strength and motivation to move yourself forward while also understanding the difficulties.
The inspiration and motivation found within every phrase of the alchemist displays a true understanding of human beings struggle and our ability to overcome the struggle on the way toward our true dreams. Each and every obstacle that the boy faces in the book is a lesson in life and a metaphor for the struggles and hurdles that we go through in our every day existence. Metaphor after metaphor we are taught that each obstacle that we face in our path gives us the opportunity to build more strength and show us a way to our true destiny.
The ideology that the voyage in the path are the actual adventure and not the Destination. The goal is to move forward toward the Destination and that moving forward is in itself is ultimate of the goal. It’s not where we end up it’s how we get there that matters.
“Live in the moment”
This book gives us an amazing example of what it is like to live in the moment. It explains and shows in great detail throughout the pages of the boys story how this is done. It shows that you can enjoy life to its fullest ability by living in the moment. I have used the skills set forth in this since reading it over and over again.
I always knew of the theory, though have achieved a greater understanding of what this phrase means by reading it as described through the adventure of the story in The Alchemist. The lesson was finally brought home for me through this example. I find myself remembering these elements from the story at many times when I feel stressed and overwhelmed. I often think about the things that I need to doing rather than what I am doing.
Stopping to think of where I am and what I am doing the exact moment at hand is something that this literature has brought to a deeper meaning for me. It has inspired me to pause, thing, breath, enjoy life, and then move onto he future moments when I am ready.