We are in the final stages of editing Steel Hull.  Kyle Corbett has been working on this Novel for over 4 and a half years.  You can Pre-Purchase a copy of the book now OR you can be a part of the editing process.  We would love to hear your feedback.  Beta Readers are sent the raw chapters of this true story adventure novel continually.  Your name will also be listed in the credits thanking you for helping us to finalize Kyle’s epic journey and motivating story.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive the chapters of this book?

After your purchase, we will ask that you get int ouch with Kyle directly: or by calling the San Diego Sailing Tours Office and telling Kyle’s staff that you are a Beta Reader.  We look forward to meeting you.  

What if I only want to read the book once it is published?

That is totally cool.  We will mail you a copy of the book once it is finished and in print.  You are welcome to reach out if you would like an update as to the intended publication date and mailing delivery time.  

What else do I receive as a Beta Reader ?

Your name will be printed in the novel itself under the “Special Thanks to…” section.  Please be sure to let us know if you would like to be credited as a Beta Reader and for helping give Kyle Corbett feedback on his work.  

Wait, what exactly is a Beta Reader ?

Beta Readers are a common part of the editing process for nearly all major written publications.  A Beta Reader is a person (who is not a family member or a friend of the author) who is interested in the story and willing to read it in advance of the rest of the public prior to the book being published.  Authors and publishers use this feedback to assist in the writing process through the final stages of editing and to refine the book for its intended audience.  

Will I be able to get a signed copy of Novel?

You Bet Ya! Kyle will be signing a copy of the first published books and sending them out to all of the Beta readers for helping him make this dream a reality.  Kyle has longed for most of his life to hav an actual novel written by his own hand and mind and is extremely grateful for al of you readers who are assisting him in paving this path to make it a reality.  

What do I have to as a Beta Reader and what if I stop reading?

All we ask is that you read the chapters we send you and write us back a few of your thoughts.  Your responses can be as short as a few sentences.  If you stop reading = no worries at all.  We only ask that you read the book as far as it captivates your attention and makes you want to keep turning pages.