Hello guys, Kyle Corbett here reporting with another blog for you.
As I said in my latest blog I wrote a book called “Hindsight 2020: An Inspiring Change” where I speak of all the crazy things that happened in the world that year and what was happening in my life at that given moment.

In Hindsight 2020: An Inspiring change I will tell you all about how to run your own business, how to be your boss, not have anyone else tell you when to go or where to be there, and really, how can you run your own life. It’s all up to you, I was told to write about what I know, and what I know is how to start a business, boost a starting startup, consultations, and motivational speaking and that’s me, I studied psychology a long time, and I also worked in the field with adolescent youth in the public districts in California and even held a psychology position as a school psychologist in Costa Rica.

I was in my twenties at the time, you can say I’m a little artistic savant but I like to learn, I like to push myself to new levels and I know what it takes to do so I also know what it takes to keep yourself stable, mentally, psychically, emotionally and a big one we often dismiss, socially.

Right down you will be able to check for yourself an excerpt of the book!
if you like what you read, here is the link to buy the book and check for yourself everything I discovered to keep my business afloat during the turbulent times of 2020.

With nothing further to say, here it is:

“As far as anyone knew, everything we heard had been entirely isolated to this place we had never heard of, a city called Wuhan. A Chinese thing. A disease Chinese people get. Some kind of issue for those people on that side of the world. Nothing more. Simply something that had happened in a city in China on the other side of the world. Something spreading within their country, possibly outside that city but only locally.

Only in a foreign country far away with different ideals and different thoughts on life from what we believe in the United States on the other side of the entire globe. No one thought anymore about it. No one gave it too much thought. It was a Chinese thing. A thing happening in Asia, too far away to worry. Too far away to concern ourselves about.”

And that’s it, for now, a little shorter than most chapters, but that is because its the first one and I wanted them to be short and concise, let me know what you think, and if you want to read the full chapter you can get the book here!

Until next time, Kyle Corbett. 

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