Mary Crowley has removed over 100 tons of plastic from our worlds oceans.  She is the founder and executive director of Ocean Voyage Institute.  She and her team of dedicated earth loving people have made a humongous difference in the health of our planet.  Mary is one of the top providers of health to our oceans in the entire world.

Kyle Corbett and Mary Crowley sit down aboard the Seas Lyfe ocean conservation and research ship to speak about what is going on in our world today. They speak of a world most people do not have the opportunity to see. They talk about a world far out to sea. They enlighten us to the existence of the malformation that is within our own creation.

Mary and Kyle Corbett talk about what we can do to make a difference. They discuss the problem at hand. They talk at length about the health of our ocean and what is being done wrong by human beings.  Mary speaks in a soft yet reverent voice about what people do not actually know.

Mary works regularly with Scripps Institute of oceanography.  She is a well-known speaker on ocean conservation in one of the forefront leaders in the earths planetary health and continuation of its existence.  Kyle sits down to speak with her about what is actually going on and what we can do to educate the world about what is happening to our number one life source.

Single use plastic and throwaway plastics as Mary calls them are something that we need to train ourselves as human beings to get rid of entirely.  Mary makes great points about the fact that plastic is a wonderful invention, however it’s use has been overly stretched for financial gain and human luxury.  She makes the example to Kyle during this interview that railroad ties made out of plastic material or a sustainable invention.

Kyle listens and learns while he Chips in some information about Seas Lyfe ocean conservation and chimes in with information on  the efforts that his team have done as well. Both Kyle Corbett and Mary Crowley believe that plastic is a good thing for our world, however that our world has used it in a bad manner.

Listen to it as these two passionate ocean minded people find that they actually come from the same path of learning this information. They both started charter boat organizations and later on found out that there is way too much plastic in the ocean. Kyle Corbett met Mary Crowley at a networking event where she was the keynote speaker.  These 2 leaders in ocean conservation and information spreading efforts connected on a mutual passion that is the protection of our worlds number one life source… The ocean.

After keeping in touch for some months, Mary reached out to Kyle when she was going to be in town. Kyle invited her to come and spend the night on board the 70 foot Sailing schooner Seas Lyfe in San Diego.  Mary Crowley was kind enough to sit down and do an on camera and voice recorded interview so that they could both produce more information to the people of our world who do not have the opportunity to sell out into the middle of the ocean and see what is actually going on.