Sailing Lifestyle with Kyle Corbett and Michael Appio 2018:
In this episode Kyle Corbett chats with the crew about sailing voyages and the adventure lifestyle that is captaining boats on the sea.   There is a certain part of nature that makes us want to get out there and see more. Mother nature calls us and makes us want to voyage farther out into the sea. We don’t know why, but it makes us feel good to be out there among the amazing energy that is found in only one place and that is the outside world.
Kyle talks with Mike about the way they live their lives. Living on board sailboats and having a different type of scenery to wake up to the most is a little bit challenging for many to think of.  In this episode we chat a little bit about what it is like to be on the sea. We talk of the reason that we do what we do. We speak about the things that we see in the ocean and its connection to human beings that is a little bit more real for those who are on the actual ocean versus those who are living on land.
We are attempting in this episode to begin the challenge of answering the questions are charter guests have had for us for years. They asked us what it is like to live our lives and how we are able to do what we do being out in the sun and on the salt water all day. We explain to them that it is a passion and we love doing it more than anything else. We begin to speak about why and how this comes to be in a person during this podcast episode we hope that this brings a little bit of motivation to those who are thinking of a life similar.
This is the nearing the end of season one in 2018. Much more has happened since the recording of his podcast in the adventure has gone much much further than either of these two gentlemen see others ever would have imagined. You will have to stay tuned and find out more about how you can increase your own inspiration and intention toward motivating your own impulse.
What comes around the corner may be surprising listening to this podcast is not what you’ll find in the next year or two.  It is not as they expected. Much more has gone on and much more has happened. Unexpected circumstances create new adventures and that is what the cause is all about.
Stay Tuned to Impulse Upgrade Podcast with Kyle Corbett