Throughout the city of Los Angeles you can often find Kyle Corbett at open mic arenas within Hollywood’s hotshot big stop comedy houses.

Being an open mic performer is no small task. Kyle will tell you first hand that it is the most amount of fun you have ever had.  This works as long as you’re willing to have the living crap kicked out of you every time…And you feel like that’s fun.

Kyle Corbett will tell us about how he has had a dream his entire life for being an actual comedian. He does not have the ability or skill in his own mind to write his own comedy.

This might sound funny because Kyle’s entire life he was an amazing writer. He won the writing contest in fourth grade in became the master of ceremonies for his entire elementary schools talent show.

Kyle tells later That the entire talent show was based off of one really good joke you wrote about trampling the second graders. Even back in elementary days he was writing company. He also won the writing contest to do the entire speech for his sixth grade promotional ceremony.

Kyle has always written at a level well above his age and educational skill.  He has pushed and pushed and not given himself as much credit as he would like to in this area.

Telling us how much he wants to do open mic and how this is a major passion for him in his acting, voiceover, and comedy career… All we has a staff members can do is fully support the notion. Then again none of us are a bout to go anywhere near getting out there on the stage like you guys.We think he’s absolutely nuts, but we also laugh or as often a lot of the things we get to produce that he says.

As of right now he has done several of these open mic comedy shows and he typically prepares his material 1 to 2 days in advance so that he can write for the specific crowd he will be performing in front of. Kyle has been writing comedy jokes for the last several years and has over 700 recording jokes in his digital files.

Not only will We Be telling you a little bit from the voice of Kyle about what it is like to work in Hollywood and rub elbows with major comedians… We are also going to procure, curate, and release some of his direct written jokes which have not been released anywhere else but here.

Kyle Corbett is a genius in his own manner, that he might seem like a crazy goofball when you meet him. The fact is you’re completely right about the fax. Isn’t it odd how genius often and sometimes comes off as insanity?

Let’s stroll down this path with Kyle in feel what it is like to work in in among the most funny people in the world and why back him such an amazingly awesome high.

Stay tuned for the section call standup comedy within the same podcast. You will see a series ofMilesThat are specifically jokes written by Kyle Corbett himself and then performed into a recorder for us to lead a release for you on that channel so that you can have a laugh with us and know why it is so worth it to keep working for him. That dude just a funny mo…

IMpulse UPgrade = Motivation and inspiration are amazing.Another amazing thing is learning how to gain the skill set to bring ourselves forward toward where we can actually complete those goals. Motivational speakers might motivate you, but the real motivators in your life will make you laugh. Kyle Corbett will do both of those on this podcast. We challenge you to listen to another episode and see if you don’t laugh at least several times and take away at least a couple of items that you think about later on in your life… As you listen we will help you UPgrade your IMpulse.

Interview with internationally known and super famous comedian Denis Regan = ALREADY RECORDED AND COMING SOON!!!!!